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How do you get your family interested in all of the work that you have been doing?

Do you have relatives who bet easily bored when you show them your family records?

Are you looking for methods to generate more interest in what you are researching?

Consider methods of engaging the family by looking at how your present your information.

Here are some ideas:

-Write a Family Book

-Create a Family Newsletter

-Illustrate with a Family Lineage Chart–Family Tree

-Design a Heritage Scrapbook

-Make a Power Point Presentation

-Film a Family Documentary

-Create a Family Website

-Share those photos

All families have a story and your task as a researcher is not to just collect names, you want to capture of the story of your family.  Telling this story will explain how you came to be who you are and how the line unfolded.  Try some of the methods outlined above and start to tell your  story.