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Basic Documents
Native American

First Name

Last Name
Please state your full name. What was your maiden name? (if female)

Where were you born?

What was the name of your father?  

What was your mother’s name?

Do you know her maiden name?

Where were your parent’s from?

Who was the specific ancestor that is said to have been of Native American ancestry?

Did you know him or her?

Why was he said to have been of Native American ancestry?

What nation or tribe was he/she a part of?

Was there a community of Indians from that tribe living in the same area?

Did she/he visit that community?  Did people from that community visit her?

Did our ancestor speak a language besides English?

What kind of religion did she/he practice?

Did she/he ever speak about their own elders?

Note–-in many cases the reference to a person with Indian ancestry can be incorrect, though strongly believed.  Sometimes this is based on an ancestor who had racial features (hair or complexion) that was distinct from other families in the area, and no other reason. I  These questions should not be used to refute or dispute an elder, for they may  simply be repeating what they heard as children.  They are presented as a guideline for discussion when interviewing an elder.   The responses given in the interview represent data that will become the framework for you when you begin your research, and begin to search for documentation.