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Genealogy Features for January 2010

Announcing the Newly Updated Site:

Hello welcome to the Beginning Genealogist web site!

This site grew out of a myriad of questions that I have received from persons who are just getting started researching their family history.  They write to me having visited my web site African-Native  Others write to me, because they have stumbled upon the message board.

I realize that many are anxious to find their ancestors and get started. Well, many I am finding have not learned the basic steps on researching family history and I want to share with you those basic steps, plus provide some guidance on where and how to do this.

I also intend to connect you, the beginning researcher, with others who have emerged as leaders in the genealogical community.  You need to need to know who they are, you need to follow their research, their web sites their blogs and appreciate the many contributions that they  have made to the research community.

I plan to have a number of videos for you to watch, where I will discuss a number of  topics for beginners.

Since many of you are coming to this site from the African-Native American message board, I know that Indian research is also a strong interest and there will be much discussion on methods of research of Indian ancestors as well.

Welcome aboard and let’s get started!